5 Things That Are Unworthy Doing Them!

We were blessed with brains to measure the things that are worth in our lives. We have the option to choose which things to do and which things to ignore. The things that are of a higher value, we always give them priority in our task list, while the things that we consider them as “wants” we give them a later time.

5 things that are unworthy doing them

In today’s post I’m going to talk about the things that are not worth doing them. Sometimes we tend to things with no value in our lives; we end up wasting our precious time. We have to know that time cannot be recovered, so we have to use it wisely before it mocks us.

 For us to know how to use time wisely we have to identify the things that are worth doing, and ignoring things that are not worth doing them. So I’m going to list them down and explain so that we can have a good idea and take good caution when it comes to matter handling our daily life. The things that we do today, have a great reputation on the kind of people we are going to be ten years to come.

These are the things that are not worth doing them,

       1. Regretting.

5 things that are unworthy doingRegretting on the things that you did in your past life won’t help you with anything in your life than bringing pain. Things do happen in life. They all have an important lesson they bring in our lives. Once they are done, we don’t have to regret about them.  The only thing we have to pick from them is the lesson and move on with life.

Regretting and wishing that you had changed your life, or regretting on the decisions you made ten years ago, or maybe a recent time, won’t help you. The thing you have to do is to check on your current life status and move. Try to check on things that you can do to make your life better than crying over a spilt glass of milk.

We will never move forward when we still have the urge to look back. It is impossible to make two moves at a go. We cannot go east and west at the same time. We have to make a choice, are we going to regret on our past or are we going to check on what better should be implemented in our lives to make our present awesome?

 2. Insulting People.

We all live around with people of different character, beliefs, race, background and opinions. Due this fact you have to understand that we will never always going to have a common agreement in everything we do. We are going to come across people who are aggressive and passive communicators.

5 things that are not worthy doing them.

All these people may have a different opinion, and everyone wants their opinion to be heard and taken into consideration, especially, the aggressive communicators. They always think that their ideas are correct. They will try to look down upon all the people’s opinion and consider themselves.

We all live with people with this character, if we don’t live with them we work with them, we study with them and we may even be friends with them. In most cases, when you find out that someone is looking down upon what you are trying to pass across, this may bring conflict. This is because you want your voice to be heard too. You feel that you have the right to let anyone hear you out. You have the right to express yourself.

The disagreement may take a negative turn. People might end up abusing and insulting one another. When you reach to such an extent ask yourself if insulting people who have wronged you will make it solve the conflict. Will it bring good to you?

It is not worth it to waste your time arguing with someone or insulting one another. You have to know that; when you argue with a fool you will also be a fool. It does not cost a dollar, to keep your mouth shut and preserve your dignity.
    3Competing With People.

We all have different social classes. We all aspire to be at the top of our inclination and have a better life that everyone is living in. I have a dream to live in a life that I will be called somebody as other people are entitled today. People have titles this is all because they changed something in their lives to be where they are currently, to have the title they have today.

5 things that not are worthy doing them

I know you also have that desire to have a better life some days.  It is not bad to think of having a better life in future. It is highly recommended. I know you are reading this post so that you can be able to identify what is not worth doing, this is because you have a sense that you need to change your life to be at a better place.

We are human beings; we were instilled with desires since our creation. It is something we cannot avoid. Who do not want something better for his/her life? This is what makes us work an extra mile to achieve the life that we want to live. You do understand the social class you are in. Deep down you know you cannot a reach a certain stage that someone else is in.

When you live your life, competing with people trying to outdo them, this will bring no good to you. You have to understand that you can’t live off your means. You cannot live over your expenses. Doing so, you will only be exhausting yourself. You will make your life difficult; you will lack peace and time to enjoy what you have.

5 things that are unworthy doing.

You have to know that someone did something extra to be where he is right now. You never know whether he killed someone, he robbed a bank or he is in a secret society. The only thing you should be competing with is your own goals. Make goals and aim to achieve them, those are the only thing you should be competing with.

For instance, you are in school. The best student in your class scores straight A’s. The highest grade you ever scored was a C+. You won’t be realistic if you want to compete with such a student. It will take you forever when you try to compete with such a person. Make a target now, achieve it, and push the target a little higher, and so forth, this will be the best thing to do than competing with someone out of your league.

4.  Cheating.

Cheating is not worth doing it. When you value your time, respect and honor you won’t be able to cheat anymore. Why should you cheat someone for sure? The same person you cried for to occupy your life, the same person moved you from one step of your life to another, the same person who values everything from you and no matter the faults you have, no matter the hardship you are going through she/he has been always been there for you.

5 things that are unworthy doing.

Its sucks! Why wasting someone’s life?  Why wasting someone’s time? If you don’t love someone there is no need for you to waste his/her time. Be frank enough; let her/him know the truth. Pretending you love him/her is not worthy anymore. How would you feel if someone wastes your time and life?

You don’t love them; let them know than you going to an extent of  cheating them. You will not only be cheating him/her but also you will be cheating yourself. Before you do something think twice, is it worth doing it or not.   

5. Revenging.

Revenging is not worth doing it. This is because it does not bring anything good than disaster. It does not satisfy your heart, but it only emptiness it. Learn to forgive and move on with your life. Don’t keep grudges and hatred in your heart because of some things that happened years ago. It won’t help you.

5 things that are unworthy to do.
Do you know why revenging will bring disaster to you? This is because it is does not make your heart less good than for a witchcraft. Revenge implies how wicked you are. It brings hypocrisy in your heart and meanness. The qualities and the virtues you have been doing in your life should reflect on any decision you are planning to undertake in your life.

If you want to revenge, it is ok, but before you revenge, think of how the world would be if everyone would be revenging on anything that had been done unto him or her. Think further, and ask yourself, how many would have come for their revenge to you?

5 things that are unworthy doing them.

Those are just few points on what people should not do; it is not worth doing them, choose wisely what you want to do in your life. The whole of your life is affected by the tiny things you do without consideration. Doing some o these things won’t add any value in your life, so it is good to eliminate them and work on things that bring value into your life.

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